Best Mobile Brand in Dubai


Buying a new phone is definitely a tough job because of the range of high end mobile phones in Dubai. Various aspects like the size & display of the phone, the video, camera, the sound quality and of course the operating system of the phone should be considered before choosing one. If you are looking for the best mobile phones brand in Dubai, then you are on the right page. Here we will list a few of the best brands of mobiles that sell like hot cakes in Dubai.

  •         Huawei: The Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei, is in the mobile making business since 1997. This company is also renowned as the largest telecom infrastructure maker around the globe. Besides android smartphones, the company also manufactures Tablets and smartwatches. Coming to smartphones, one of the best smartphones model from the company are the Huawei P10. Huawei P10 price in Dubai is around AED2,500 and is very popularly sold next to iPhone.
  •         Blackberry: this Canadian company, which was earlier called Research in Motion that was popular for selling QWERTY devices. Initially it was backed by its own BB OS, but now it has again designed its smartphones especially for busy persons with professional features using Android operating system. The best Blackberry model from the company is the Keyone, which is priced for about AED2, 700.
  •         HTC: this Taiwanese company started as a laptop maker in 1997, started to design windows based smartphones. But today you can find various HTC models that are backed by Android operating system. The most popular buy from HTC is the HTC One M10 in Dubai, which is priced at AED 1,290.
  •         Lenovo: another Chinese company that started as a laptop maker and took over IBM’s PC business in 2005, has just recently entered the smartphone market. In 2012, Lenovo started to sell Android based smartphones at pocket friendly prices. All of the smartphones from Lenovo have a good battery backup, a brilliant display and nice features and moreover available at affordable rates.

If you are looking for a Huawei phone, then the P10 is the best buy.  eDubbuy .com is a leading online store where you can buy the Huawei P10 priced in Dubai at AED 2,489.00