5 Tips For Small Businesses In Planning to Setup Company in Dubai


Over the few years, Dubai has emerged as a most favorite destination for the foreign investors. You might be thinking that whether you would be able to start-up in Dubai if you do not have the sufficient capital for investing. Well, there is no need to worry, Dubai has something for everyone, it is a land of opportunities that let you dream of owning a business. You can operate a small business as small businesses require small investments and can achieve a future growth under the guidance of an expert. An expert will assist you from LLC company formation in Dubai to advising you the efficient business skills.


When you hire an advisory firm for LLC company formation in Dubai, remember that it should be experienced and certified having the complete knowledge of the particular region. Read on the few points that will help you turn your small business into a productive and viable one.

  • Gather up some knowledge

You must have a very good information about the local market. The product you are going to offer will work or not? Is there any demand? What will make your business stand out from the others? These are the things you should research well. You can also experiment by advertising your product and see whether it is in demand. This will save your thousands of bucks in future and will give you the idea of the market even before your entry.

  • Finding a reliable partner

If you are operating your business somewhere outside from the free zone that you have to find a good local partner. This partner will hold the majority of share in your business and has all the rights to control it and also they will not invest or contribute to your business. Your local partner can be an individual or a company and are to be paid annual fee in various ways.

  • Capital viability

After you will register your business a proof of capital investment is needed from the owners to show to the ministry of commerce. The minimum investment requirement depends upon the structure of your business. You should be prepared with the financial resources in hand as if you will be new to the place you won’t be having any local support.

  • Limited liability companies

Small business sets usually go for LLC structure. These companies require from only a few members to fifty members with a limited liability to their share investment. The major interest holders are the local sponsors with 51% shares and you will be holding 49% of it.

  • Professional companies

If you opt for a fully professional firm that you can own the 100% ownership with a limited staff. The Dubai government has set up free zones for those who are interested in investing. They have a different legal structure as compared to the offshore ones.

If you are going to start with a small business plan and aspire to make it large in future than select Adam Global as your business advisor without any second thought. Adam Global is the best advisory firm of Dubai that holds years of experience in setting up the business of numerous happy clients.

The importance of Legal Advice In Dubai

Legal Advice In Dubai

Experts at SM law firm, which is one of the top firms in Dubai, is reveal that it is important for a person living in Dubai to abide by the laws. They can do this only when they are fully aware of the working of the law.

Being one of the top law firms in Dubai, SM law firm, explains the structure of the law in UAE. UAE has two court systems – Federal and Local. However, Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, remain outside the federal structure. They have their own judicial systems. The rest of the emirates have their own federal courthouse, with the Supreme Court located in Abu Dhabi.

The laws in UAE are stringent and it is extremely important for the residents to abide by them. In case, an individual, a group or an organization falls into legal troubles, a legal professional comes to rescue. Having a good legal advisor is of utmost importance in Dubai.

A legal advisor will help clients in more than one ways – they help in solving family disputes, in resolving property issues, in purchase decisions, and also in making business decisions. They help in almost everything.

A legal advisor will take care of the paperwork and the protocol to be followed when submitting them.
They study a case before reaching the courts and will analyze it in order to find loopholes and strong points in it. They also try to find strong recommendations to help their clients.

They are very good at negotiations and they help their clients in talking with the other party involved. They also check for legal glitches involved in a contract and will find a way against them.

Legal advisors also act as PRs and see that their clients have a clean image.
If you are looking for lawyers to provide you with solid legal advice or the ones who can help you in resolving property issues in Dubai, contact SM Law Firm.

Benefits of Setting Up Business In Freezone


A Free Zone (FZ) also called Free Economic Zone is an area within a country, where companies are taxed very lightly or not taxed at all for promoting the economic activity in the country. Each of these zones is designated to a specific sector of business area which is further managed by the specific Free Zone authority appointed by the government of the country. However, the government of the country determines all the taxation rules of the Free Zone. For instance there are over 40 Free Zones in the UAE, each of which is framed for new businesses and startups looking to start their own venture. If you are looking to start up an organization in a free zone in UAE, then Adam Global (http://www.adamglobal.com/) is amongst the best of business advisory firms that can provide you a complete guidance on starting a company here.

Here in this article we shall be discussing a few of the benefits of starting up a business in the Free Zone area.

· You get government incentives in a free zone
The main advantage of setting up a company in a free zone area is the tax, tariff and regulatory incentives offered here. This duty free aspect of free zones draws in many export oriented organizations, entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own company and many other business types. The various types of incentives normally given by almost all the countries includes exemption from custom duties, value added tax (VAT), and import and export tax.

· You get 100% ownership on your business
When you think of setting up a business in a foreign land, then the business advisors like Adam Global (http://www.adamglobal.com/) will always recommend to look for a free zone in the country as a foreign investor is allowed for a complete or a 100% ownership of the business started here.

· You get a cheap infrastructure
Another benefit offered by Free Zones is the cheap and good infrastructure. One can find state-of-the-art office spaces in these areas, which are designed and built according to the preferences of the investors.

Pros and cons of forming a Free Zone company in Dubai

The stability in growth, relaxation in taxes, and modernized business laws are a few aspects that are increasingly attracting people from all around the globe to do business in the UAE. The benefits offered by the free zones have made the company formation in Dubai quite popular. While setting up a new company in the free zones of Dubai is suiting just about every person, incorporating an organization in the free zones can be complex. Here in this article we shall be taking a look at the pros and cons of setting up a business in Dubai.

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