Tips How To Get Your Dream Of Studying Abroad

study abroad consutlants in dubai

In today’s competitive and progressive world, everyone wishes to stay in competition and progress at the same pace if not more. With the change occurring at the speed of a forest fire, it takes continuous effort and smart work to stay updated with the latest technologies, happenings, knowledge and skill. To get this skill, getting sound education is very much necessary. For this sound education, studying abroad must also be considered because the expected quality of education may not be available locally in our choice of field.

study abroad consutlants in dubai

However, to find out the best course from the best university and for proper guidance, study abroad consultants in Dubai must be hired. Study abroad consultants in Dubai are specialists who have vast knowledge about various colleges, universities, courses offered by them, admission criteria, various important dates, etc.

Following are some of the tips you must keep in mind to get your dream of studying abroad:

·         Know your likings and skill: Everyone is born with one or the other skill, quality and liking. Pursuing a career related to the said skill and liking makes the study and working very much enjoyable and easy. To find out this, various aptitude and psychometric tests may be taken.

·         Collect the data: Collecting data about which universities and colleges offer which course, its time duration and other such important details is very much important. Here, an expert and experienced counselor may come to rescue because they already have data about a far more number of colleges, universities and courses, etc.

·         Keep working hard: The battle does not stop at collecting the data. In fact it just begins here. You will have to keep working hard for various things like entrance tests, interviews, etc. The main part of your career building starts after admissions because the main studies will start then after. So continuous and hard work is very much necessary at every stage.


Proed World is one of the best study abroad consultants in Dubai, having years of experience. Each of our team member has been a part of admission process one or the other way hence, has a far more knowledge of the admission process in various esteemed colleges and universities.

How To Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

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Furry friends are no less than God sent. These angels enter our stressed lives and fill it with all the love their precious hearts hold. With their cute, naughty and innocent actions, they can turn the worst day into a happy and blissful one. What’s more is that they don’t expect anything in return. Yes, their love is unconditional.

But it becomes our duty to take their proper care. The basic thing in this care is to make our homes dog friendly so that our dearest fluff balls remain out of harm’s way. There are a number of things which need to be kept in mind so that your pets don’t need to be kept under constant watch.

royal canin dubai

Royal Canin Dubai, the number one brand producing a range of quality dog food, has a suggestion here. According to Royal Canin Dubai, one of the basic things to be careful about is food. So here is a list of small things which may prove major if not taken care of:

  •         Keep those little things away: Irrespective how much harmless they seem, little things like small buttons, small balls, broken and chipped of parts of toys and furniture, etc can turn life-threatening. Our innocent pets, just like little babies, don’t know how to handle what and may land in trouble by eating them.
  •         Chemicals and other such products: Products containing one or other form of chemicals like washing liquids, lotions and shampoos, etc are very useful products for us. But these, when accidently spilled and ingested by pets, may turn fatal. Some naughty pets like cats and birds may even reach to it even in the most unreachable corner. Hence such things need to be kept very carefully.
  •         Cleanliness is must: Whether it is their toys or other things, pets have a habit of taking almost everything in their mouth, especially while playing. Even if your pet doesn’t do it, it is still advisable to keep the surrounding clean so that they don’t get ticks or other problems like skin infection, etc.

Pet Corner offers a wide range of pet care products which help you a great deal in making your home pet friendly. We also have a variety of pet supplies, food and accessories.

Best Oud Cologne Of All The Time

oud cologne dubai

Oud or agarwood is a really expensive wood as the trees from which agarwood is derived are becoming extinct and difficult to access. Oud is a magical material that gives depth and quality to the perfumes. It is said, once you get into the world of ouds there is no coming back. It clearly states that once you have started using oud as a perfume note, you are done with all the other scents out there. There is so much to the world of oud that will capture your imagination. Oud is sold in the various formulation in form of perfumes with different tastes and smells of oud. You will get every variety of oud cologne in Dubai ranging from strong woody smells to more rose scented musk smells.

Amouage Dia

This perfume with gorgeous smell has the aroma of orange, blossoms and the notes of amber and sandalwood. It can last for ages when you spray it on your pulse points. Being a very mild and luxurious one with fruity smell is a must check out oud cologne in Dubai.

Gucci Intense Oud

A masterpiece that will blow away your mind with lots of amber in it. Seductive and sweet it is very oudy kind of aroma you would definitely appreciate.

Armani Eau De Nuit Oud

This new perfume is a combination of rose spices and oud. The ultra long-lasting smell of this scent makes you go crazy over it. Along with rose, it has a lot of floral notes into it.

Hugo Boss Oud

A perfume very irresistible with intense and strong oud in it has notes of apple, cinnamon and other exotic spices in it. With its unique blend of fresh smells, it lingers all around you in the air.

Mancera Roses Vanille

This perfume is not as strong and overpowering as traditional oud perfumes. It has lighter and fresher smell of oud. It has the lemon, white musk, and cedarwood in it. If you like vanilla scented smells then you would definitely like this one.

If you want to get more of the varieties or want to buy one of the oud perfumes, visit V Perfumes stores in Dubai.

Create inspiring environment with best interior fit out solutions

First impressions matter a great deal, and fit out will help your business make the most at the first impression. Regardless of where your business office is situated in Dubai, the second a conceivable business client walks in, if the interiors of your workplace scream perfection and top quality, the possibilities of changing them from a “possible client” to “regular client” are going to be drastically enhanced. Office fit out company in Dubai help you in  changing of the interiors or exteriors of your office or commercial space by utilization of maximum space  and increase employee morale and energy levels  to Create inspiring environment by providing certain services like-

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5 tips to choose a wicker sofa set for accentuating your outdoors

Your living room looks quite incomplete without a marvelous sofa set sitting inside it. You may use it for comfortably relaxing, sitting for a chit chat with friends or just as a prime center of decoration in the house. Whether in style, color or finish, you can find a variety of sofa sets & curtains in Dubai to choose from.

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5 benefits of hiring a Business Advisors

If you are a business owner then you would definitely difficult to maintain a profitable business year after year. Handling the many business endeavors involved in the management of a company is more than just tough. A little mistake in taking a crucial decision here can put your company in real jeopardy. For more details visit

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5 tips to find best rhinoplasty surgeon in Dubai

A perfect nose is almost everyone’s dream and there are so many people who are not happy with the shape of their nose.  Nose job is the perfect solution for such people. It is a cosmetic surgery to adjust the shape of the nose. The cost for rhinoplasty in Dubai depends on the doctor that you go to. 

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Five Steps to Finding the Best Educational Consultant

Education is the most supreme power an individual can possess. Choosing the right path to get appropriate education is challenging that can be eliminated or at least minimized by approaching a proficient education consultant. They work independently in different aspects of the same field i.e. they work for ranging from college planning and admissions, people who opt for private secondary schools and for who are disabled or having emotional difficulties. visit

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Colour your life with Jotun paints Dubai

Most of the springs of a person’s life are spent within the four walls of his house.   The increase in the property value is only one side of the coin. Painting a house with Jotun paints Dubai will transform the house from the mundane to inspirational.Needless to say, if these four walls within which a person resides are taken care of, the property value of the house will grow by leaps and bounds.

As curious as you might be for starting to renovate your home, seldom will you know whom to reach out for help. Excellent results go hand in glove with the usage of excellent products. Thus, we at Jotun paints Dubai also abide by the same.

Before considering the idea of renovating a home, one should always have a clear idea of

  •    Budget

The overall painting process will incorporate the bills for the workforce, the painting materials like brushes, paints, ladders, scrapers, etc. it should be taken into consideration that spending on all these goods should not make a hole in the pocket of the breadwinner of the family.

Jotun paints Dubai
  • Planning the schedule

Planning a date for laying the cornerstone for the painting process is important as it requires the movement of furniture so that there is no damage to the assets. Painting might also require someone to closely monitor the process and fetch the required products if need be. Thus we can say that planning the schedule plays a vital role in the painting process.

  • Deciding on the colours to light up one’s life

We at jotun paints Dubai understand the significant role colours play in a person’s life and we leave no stone unturned to make the walls of your house speak up. We are available round the clock for our customers to guide them while the colour selection process. The lighter shades can be used to deck up almost any wall, but when going for the darker shades a lot of things need to be considered. Darker shades work well only when a room that needs to be painted gets a substantial amount of natural light. Painting a basement with darker shades will make it look more or less like a prison.

People usually don’t paint their houses every now and then so some of the products whose quality should not be overlooked are the paints, ladders, primer, wire brushes, wall cleaner, sponges, paint scrapers, putty knife, etc.


6 things to know about Grey market

Grey market is the one topic which has gained a lot of importance in the last two decades. Before purchasing on this market, here are a few things that everyone should be aware of:

  • Should you buy grey market tech?

If you are trying to find a branded product that will come at an affordable price, then you can turn to grey markets. But before making the decision, you must know that these markets are illegal, and the genuinely of the product may not be promised. Through grey markets imported goods are distributed without the authorization of the manufacturer.

  • Can you buy technology in grey markets?

This totally depends on you. While some products look genuine, there are chances that you end up with fake or duplicate products. The sellers may also modify the original products.

  • Packaging of the products sold on grey markets  

When it comes to packaging, products sold on the grey market are very well packed. The products are almost packed like the original ones and this reduces the damage and that might be caused during delivery.

  • Their delivery times

If you are someone who expects same day and stay delivery when buying products from the grey market then you should be aware that this may not be possible. It takes around 2 weeks for the product to reach you.

  • Product pricing

The most attractive thing about grey market is product pricing. Customers go for production grey market in to the fact that the Maa prizes are significantly cheap when compared to the prices listed on genuine markets. The one thing that you should make a mental note about is that the pricing may go up and down on daily basis.

Knowing about these things will help in buying from these markets. So when trading on these grey markets, evaluate these five things and make a smart choice.