Criminal Law Procedures in Dubai


The criminal law in Dubai is described in detail under the Federal Law No. (35) of 1992. It specifies different procedures to be followed for criminal cases in the UAE. The law describes the procedures for criminal investigation, trial of the accused, Judgment, conditions and enforcement of Judgment.

The criminal laws in Dubai are very strict and intangible, especially because of the zero tolerance in the Emirates. One can only come out clean from such cases if the seek help from a through professional.

Here are a few things a person should know about criminal law procedures in Dubai –

  • A person cannot be punished or penalised without being proven as guilty. Doing so without the approval of a judgemental body is a punishable offence.
  • No one should be searched or arrested without a warrant.
  • Members of the public authority, like the police, shouldn’t not enter residences without a valid warrant or under circumstances specified by the law or if assistance has been requested from the inside.
  • A criminal activity can be reported by anyone who comes to know about the occurrence. There is no for a complaint or request. The case can be directly reported to a judicial officer or public prosecution.
  • A person witnessing a felony or misdemeanour has to hand over or report the offender to the nearest public authority. An arrest warrant is not needed for it.
  • In case of false accusation, the accused can request the court for compensation for the prejudice suffered. Upon the request, the accused may be compensated from the accuser.
  • A person accused of a felony is permitted to have a lawyer to defend him in the trial stage.

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