Things to keep in mind before going for a mini bypass surgery

gastric bypass surgery

The mini bypass surgery is an invasive procedure where the size of the stomach is shrunken and the intestinal path taken by the food is rerouted with the help of a tube. This ultimately causes a lesser amount of food to be taken and the amount of fats and calories absorbed by the intestine is also minimized. This gives a massive and long term weight reduction solution to the patient’s weighing scale.

For example, a person who is 100 Kg will lose up to 30 Kg by undergoing this treatment. One should definitely consider going to an experienced surgeon in such cases, and it was found that the mini bypass Dubai had a huge success rate. Other than approaching a good doctor, there are many more points to keep in mind before going under the knife:

gastric bypass surgery

  • Do you actually require a surgery? First, they should check on their severity. If the patient is not as obese, then he definitely has non-invasive options like the Gastric Balloon surgery. Only if he is morbidly obese and his BMI crosses 40, then he should consider this mini bypass surgery in Dubai.
  • Will you gain benefits by doing so? As weight is reduced, many health benefits are associated with this procedure. Problems like high blood pressure, hyperlipidaemia, joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases and many more are controlled after undergoing this surgery. The person will also gain a higher self-esteem and love for their body.  
  • Is it money friendly? Financially, can I afford this? It is a minor surgery, so it will be a little heavy on the pocket. It will range from 5510 to 9182 United Arab Emirates Dirham. If one cannot afford this much in a single payment, then there is an option of loan payment. This is when; the patient gets the freedom of paying their bills in instalments.

One thing to keep in mind is that although surgery has been done, the weight loss journey is not over. This is because even after the surgery, one should maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent weight gain and if you are staying in Dubai, then LapSurgery is a one stop solution for all your weight loss problems.