5 most common pests and how to deal with them


Pests can cause a huge menace and dealing with them can turn out to be a huge task! They settle in your house and start destroying the surroundings. According to the pest control services in Dubai, preventing pests or fighting them out in the early stages is the best way to deal with them. This article will help you out in identifying the 5 most common pests and how to deal with them.

Pest control services in Dubai
  1. Mice: They are out common in tropical homes. They settle in the small dark corners of your homes and start becoming a nuisance especially during the colder months. They start biting clothes, and shoe and they also bring along a lot of diseases. The best way to deal with them is to seal cracks around the house.
  2. Ants: Though not very troublesome, they can be irritating. They also spoil food, especially sweet items. There are different types of ants, and this is the reason why they are considered as pests. They can be handled with the aid of baits, barriers and spraying insecticide treatments.
  3. Flies: Most of the time, flies don’t need any special attention or extermination. Simple measures like covering food items and keeping trash away to limit their access is enough.
  4. Roaches: A lot of people cringe at the site of these dirty creatures. They are the root cause for several diseases. Maintaining proper sanitation and the use of insecticides is the best way to prevent them.
  5. Termites: These pests are hard to tackle and they also cause a lot of damage. The best way to handle them is to get professional help before it is too late. Prevention and early action are the best line of defense.

Now that you are aware of the top 5 common pests and how to deal with them, follow them and maintain a healthy surrounding. For the best pest control services in Dubai, contact Cosmos Pest Control