How to Avail Free Heart Check Up On Dubai

Free Heart Check Up On Dubai

A man can have heart illness and still feel fine. It is so because sometimes the first symptom of a heart disease can be death. This is the main reason why heart diseases are also known as silent killer. Henceforth it is critical to keep an update of the cardiac health time-to-time. With the help of an advanced heart check-up in Dubai, one can prevent heart disease by discovering and managing the risk factors.

Research shows that chances of having a heart attack increase after the age of 45. Most people die fighting heart attacks, this happened because they were unable to get prominent heart health diagnosis in time. Therefore the situation calls for timely diagnosis and heart check-up in Dubai to reduce the death rates in the country.

General Nature of Heart check-up camps

Heart check-up camps are organized in various parts of the country depending upon the healthcare needs of a particular location. They also build awareness about the common ailments, educate people about healthy habits like quit smoking, control diabetes, control BP, follow a low-fat diet, exercise regularly, eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, reduce stress, practice yoga or meditation.

These camps offer free heart checkups, with help from civic bodies, corporate, NGOs, government and individual volunteers. These camps focus on people living in the slums, rural areas and inaccessible parts of the country, so they can avail these free heart checkups.

General heart check-up services include

Stress test
Echo 2-d cardiogram
Computerized tomography scan (CT scan)
Blood tests
BP checking

What do beneficiaries get out of it?

The beneficiaries get the diagnosis as well as a cure at the free health camp from heart specialists. Camps not only focus on providing quality healthcare but also create awareness about the risks and symptoms associated with heart diseases and take steps to mitigate or reverse them before a heart attack occurs which greatly improves your chances of a full recovery.

The multidisciplinary ventures taken up by a health check up camp include pediatric, gynecological, cardiac, and surgical alongside different medications. The term of such camps normally ranges from 1-15 days a month/ year.For more details visit