How To Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

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Furry friends are no less than God sent. These angels enter our stressed lives and fill it with all the love their precious hearts hold. With their cute, naughty and innocent actions, they can turn the worst day into a happy and blissful one. What’s more is that they don’t expect anything in return. Yes, their love is unconditional.

But it becomes our duty to take their proper care. The basic thing in this care is to make our homes dog friendly so that our dearest fluff balls remain out of harm’s way. There are a number of things which need to be kept in mind so that your pets don’t need to be kept under constant watch.

royal canin dubai

Royal Canin Dubai, the number one brand producing a range of quality dog food, has a suggestion here. According to Royal Canin Dubai, one of the basic things to be careful about is food. So here is a list of small things which may prove major if not taken care of:

  •         Keep those little things away: Irrespective how much harmless they seem, little things like small buttons, small balls, broken and chipped of parts of toys and furniture, etc can turn life-threatening. Our innocent pets, just like little babies, don’t know how to handle what and may land in trouble by eating them.
  •         Chemicals and other such products: Products containing one or other form of chemicals like washing liquids, lotions and shampoos, etc are very useful products for us. But these, when accidently spilled and ingested by pets, may turn fatal. Some naughty pets like cats and birds may even reach to it even in the most unreachable corner. Hence such things need to be kept very carefully.
  •         Cleanliness is must: Whether it is their toys or other things, pets have a habit of taking almost everything in their mouth, especially while playing. Even if your pet doesn’t do it, it is still advisable to keep the surrounding clean so that they don’t get ticks or other problems like skin infection, etc.

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