Reasons behind the popularity of wire mesh cable tray

Cable tray manufacturers in Dubai reveal that there is s rapid increase in the sales of wire mesh cable trays. It is no longer a new product in the market. These cable trays have won over the audience because of the number of advantages they have.

Even the leading cable tray manufacturers in Dubai echo with this. They reveal that wire mesh cable trays are popular, especially in the data center, plants, ISP server room, airports, buildings, etc. so why have they become so important? Let us investigate.

Cable tray manufacturer in Dubai

Material saving: Of all the types of cable trays, the basket cable trays are the best. They require way too less steel as compared to the other types. They need less material and this means their carbon footprint is less which in turn makes them environment-friendly.

Larger support: They have greater support span. While other types of cable trays offer 1.5m, wire mesh cable trays offer 2.0m at full capacity. This means you can save costs for accessories and installation costs.

Easy maintenance: Their open structure is the biggest advantage as it makes them easy to handle. They are ideal for finding physical electrical and communication issues and they are also very easy to expand.

Fast installation: When it comes to installation, wire mesh cable trays are very easy to install. They are lighter in weight and this makes it easy to install them. A single person can do it.

Flexible management: Because of their open structure, wires can be dropped out from anywhere of these mesh cable trays. The cables can be easily organized using cable ties at anywhere. They can also be used in multiple turns.

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