Different Types of Flare Tip Design

Flare Tip Design

In industrial plants like a refinery, chemical industry, natural gas production industry and oil or gas production sites that involves oil and gas rigs and wells as well as landfills, there is always a danger of production of raw natural gases that are unusable as well as very harmful. Therefore to avoid such dangers, a combustion device, known as flare stack or flare tips are usually used n all such areas. A flare tip is used to burn off all such hazardous gases in an environmentally-friendly way. Depending on the use and gas composition, different types of flare tip designs are fabricated by the manufacturers. Some of these include:

· Single Point Flare Tips

Single point flare tip can be used for both subsonic and sonic pipe flares. This type of flare tip design is connected on to the end of the flare header and is positioned towards the top. When used offshore, the single point flare tip is inclined and located at the end of flare boom so that the flare flame is conducted away from the industrial site.

· Multi Point Flares

A multi point flare tip is usually a sonic flare that has a more sophisticated, yet simple design than a single point flare tip. It provides a much improved performance and a relatively low noise, low radiation and a reliable ignition can be easily achieved. in this, the gas is directed to multiple burner nozzles having small diameters. This allows for a greater air to hydrocarbon gas contact and thus leaves the flared gas area more aerated.

· Vent Flare Tips

Also called a cold flare, a vent flare tip can manage the gas pressure of up to 6.0 barg. This type of flare tip is usually single point flare and therefore can either be sonic or subsonic. This tip is typically more strong and reliable so that the vent gases of both high and low pressure are scattered safely and efficiently in every direction.
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