Best Oud Cologne Of All The Time

oud cologne dubai

Oud or agarwood is a really expensive wood as the trees from which agarwood is derived are becoming extinct and difficult to access. Oud is a magical material that gives depth and quality to the perfumes. It is said, once you get into the world of ouds there is no coming back. It clearly states that once you have started using oud as a perfume note, you are done with all the other scents out there. There is so much to the world of oud that will capture your imagination. Oud is sold in the various formulation in form of perfumes with different tastes and smells of oud. You will get every variety of oud cologne in Dubai ranging from strong woody smells to more rose scented musk smells.

Amouage Dia

This perfume with gorgeous smell has the aroma of orange, blossoms and the notes of amber and sandalwood. It can last for ages when you spray it on your pulse points. Being a very mild and luxurious one with fruity smell is a must check out oud cologne in Dubai.

Gucci Intense Oud

A masterpiece that will blow away your mind with lots of amber in it. Seductive and sweet it is very oudy kind of aroma you would definitely appreciate.

Armani Eau De Nuit Oud

This new perfume is a combination of rose spices and oud. The ultra long-lasting smell of this scent makes you go crazy over it. Along with rose, it has a lot of floral notes into it.

Hugo Boss Oud

A perfume very irresistible with intense and strong oud in it has notes of apple, cinnamon and other exotic spices in it. With its unique blend of fresh smells, it lingers all around you in the air.

Mancera Roses Vanille

This perfume is not as strong and overpowering as traditional oud perfumes. It has lighter and fresher smell of oud. It has the lemon, white musk, and cedarwood in it. If you like vanilla scented smells then you would definitely like this one.

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