Tips to fix the burst pipes

A burst pipe can be very stressful and messy or you can say the nightmare. To come up with the water damage can involve a big deal of expense, as it can destroy your home’s or office’s structure and electric wiring. Taking proper precautions is the second thing we would recommend you. The first is purchasing the good quality pipes. You should never settle down for the cheap ones with the poor quality. Therefore, you should buy the pipes and fittings for your place from the best PPR pipes manufacturer in UAE.

The reliable PPR pipes manufacturer in UAE not only sells the products but also provides you the qualified professionals who install the water system at your home or business place. As soon as you discover a crack or a breakage you must take an action. To find out how to fix the burst issue, have a look at the tips given below.

PPR Pipes Manufacturer in Dubai


  1. Turn the water supply off: Turn off the main water supply of your house or kitchen. You will find the stop tap near to the entry of service pipe.


  1. Drain out the system: Then drain away all the water stored from the cold taps and the flush. This will lessen the further damage.


  1. Switch off the water heating system: Turn off all the heating systems be it the central heater or the immersion heater. Central heating uses solid fuel for functioning, so let it finish out. Once the fuel dies off, drain away the remaining water from the hot taps.


  1. Turn of the electric supply: If the water flow is somewhere near the electric appliances or any other electrics, immediately turn them off too. If the main switch is also wet due to the leakage, it’s better to call an electrician to switch it off.


  1. Check the ceilings: If the ceiling is puffed up, the water might have leaked in them and it is not safe to enter that passage or the room. Catch the dripping water in a bucket. If you notice the ceilings or wall bulging quickly dig a hole through a screwdriver and drain away the water.


  1. Fix it: Check whether there is a loose fit screw which is causing the leakage. If so, tighten it. If the water wipe pipe is split or a nail is pierced over it, it requires being repaired or replaced with a new pipe. Call a professional plumber who will help you do so.

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