Types Of Cakes

Types Of Cakes

The best cakes in the world are counted as the best desserts across the world. a delicious as well as a nicely presented cake is not only admired but also savored by everyone on the planet. A good slice of cake is undoubtedly one of the finest pleasures of your life. It is the ultimate thing that completes any celebration. There are many bakeries in Dubai that offers a variety of cakes in different styles. Ginny’s, the best cake shop in Dubai can provide delectable cakes for almost every occasion including birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, valentine’s cake and different others.

The broad list of cakes served at Ginny’s, the best cake shop in dubai, can lead to utter confusion, in which one to choose. Well, here we have few of the best types of cakes that you can choose according to the particular occasion.

· Red Velvet cake
This deep red colored cake is a perfect dessert for a wedding celebration. The deep red hue of the cake represents love and romance and therefore is just appropriate for celebrating an occasion of love like wedding, or anniversary an even valentine’s day. The taste of this cake is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla and it often includes cream cheese frosting.

· Chocolate cake
Chocolate remains a favorite of almost everyone, even though there are many different levels of richness and countless options for flavor pairings. A simple chocolate cake can be ordered for celebrating a simple and personal event. It can be elevated to a higher level and mixed with other flavors like orange, mint, strawberry etc. to become a cake for celebrating any occasion.

· White Chocolate and Raspberry cake
In place of the traditional chocolate flavored cake, one combining the richness of sweet white chocolate and tart fruitiness of raspberry has become the favorite of many and is widely ordered for birthdays and even weddings. Whether it is a filing of raspberry jam, raspberry cream or fresh raspberry, the delicious combination is enjoyed by all.

· Lemon cake
This tangy lemon cakes is usually chosen for a wedding celebration. This citrus flavored cake is mostly chosen by those who do not want the cake to be very rich and heavy. One can go with lemon buttercream frosting to complete the cake.